Welcome to Amassment, a shrine discussion community focused on promoting the production of shrines and fansites. While you have to be a member of Amassment to have your sites listed, this community is wide open for browsing, and there are a lot of great collectives and fansites to be found here. Be sure to check out our Events and Shrine Spotlight sections to see some of the fun things we do.

What is a Shrine?

That’s really not for us to say. Our community is a place for everyone to discuss and build what shrines mean to them personally. To some people, it means a vast database of information and facts. To others, it’s more about the interpretation of those facts with theories and personal point of view. The definition of what a shrine or a fansite is has changed over time, but what hasn’t changed is the amount of passion people feel for the subjects they choose to build sites on.

Members, while you’ll probably spend most of your time here at our forums, keep in mind the rest of the sections here are for your use. Not only will the Directory continue to be updated with new shrines from members to make for convenient browsing, but the Events section will be updated with current and past events at the community, as well as our current and past shrine and member spotlights. This means if you’re away from your computer for a couple of days, you now have a quick way to find out what’s been going on at the community without having to search through posts. Additionally, the Support section is available with codes to link here, a list of things we currently need if you’re looking for a way to help out, and a form to submit any shrines we may have overlooked or new shrines you make to our Directory Team.