Open staff positions are posted in the Announcements forum when an additional staffer is needed. Although we may not be looking for a new staffer at the moment, there are plenty of ways to help out! Some of our best ideas come from and are executed by normal Amassment members; Amassment overall is a very member-driven community. Read on to learn about some of the ways you can contribute to Amassment!

Promotion One of the biggest ways you can help Amassment is to let other people know about our community! We love new members, and want to provide motivation and support to anyone interested in shrines. If you know anyone who you think would enjoy Amassment, invite them to join us! There are other ways to help promote us as well. Link us on your shrines and collective! Make sure all of your sites are listed here so we can return the favor. :)

Events We are always looking for ideas. If you have an idea for a shrine or layout-making marathon or challenge, a meme, or an activity, contact one of the Events Staffers! Additionally, if you have an idea for a marathon and would like to run it yourself, let us know! Some of our best events have been member-ran marathons and activities.

Shrine Spotlight Shrine Spotlight requires activity to function. Throughout its monthly run it needs nominations, votes, and blurbs. Check out our Shrine Spotlight board and nominate a shrine or two to win the award! When voting pops up, vote for your favorites to win! After a winner is announced, help us congratulate the winner, and consider writing a little about why the shrine is great.

Feedback Finally, you can make Amassment better by just letting us know what we can do better to serve your shrine-making needs. If there is anything you particularly like or don’t like, let us know! We’d love to hear from you!