The Fansite Pageant has now reached its fourth edition. Here is a description of how and why the Fansite Pageant was created, in the words of the Pageant's creator herself: Destinie.

In the summer of 2009 the idea to create a web pageant was put into motion. The concept was to bring together fansites from all over the web to acknowledge them and to award webmasters/mistresses for their hard and dedicated work. Then it was decided that the pageant would be run annually. New sites are created all the time so it would only be fair to be able to recognize them each.

Staff & Acknowledgements

For the year 2012 the Fansite Pageant will be run by Sofia with the precious help of Snow and Yamila. We would like to spend a few lines to thank all the former staff members for contributing to make the Pageant a wonderful event:

A big thank you goes to the folks of Amassment.org for kindly hosting the Fansite Pageant and obviously to the Pageant's mama herself, Destinie…without you the pageant wouldn't exist! Another thank you goes to all those webmasters who sponsor the Pageant and well, to all who will participate either by nominating their favourite websites and/or voting for them. On a more personal note…I, Sofia, wish to thank Ava, who was supposed to run this year's Pageant, for entrusting me as her replacement after she had to step down.

Link back

If you would like to promote the Fansite Pageant feel free to pick one of the following buttons and link it back to: http://amassment.org/pageant/. All we ask is that you upload the button you have chosen to your own server or a free server, in other words: no direct-linking! And if you own a fansite directory you might want to consider becoming an official sponsor for the Pageant. For more information contact us :)

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Graphics and Scripts

The layout was made by Sofia using brushes from Yumei-K. It was coded with Macromedia Dreamweaver, tested under a MacOSX system with Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome and under a Windows system with Internet Explorer. The mailing script used on both the About and Nominate pages is Jem's Free PHP Mail Form. Buttons for Pageant nominee and participants were kindly donated by Kibumie and Sofia, buttons for the Pageant itself were made by Sofia and Yamila.


Need to tell us something? Then use the form below. In case the form doesn't work you can email us directly at the following address: fansite.pageant@gmail.com.