This section is not so much an award as it is a thank you to those members who consistently go beyond. They take an active part in keeping the community alive by starting and participating in discussions, giving feedback on members’ shrines, making new posts, suggesting improvements or features that can make the community better, volunteering (for things like this directory, or even running layout marathons), nominating shrines of the month every month, and so much more. We seriously could not run this community alone, and so many of you help so much. We just want to say thanks. The community would not be the same without you. #AMMOTM

Robin of

When we were discussing nominees for the next Member Spotlight, Robin’s name came up, and several of us were surprised she hasn’t been selected already! That’s how integral Robin is to Amassment. Robin is one of those people who anyone can talk to; she’s just so easy-going, supportive, and fun. She can be found in all areas of the community, and I mean all: the community chat in evenings, shrine discussions, Shrine Spotlight where she regularly nominates shrines and often leaves blurbs for winning shrines, and shrine plugs, where she leaves feedback for nearly every shrine, even if she isn’t familiar with the fandoms. She recently became a staffer here at Amassment, and has proven herself to be a dependable, integral part of the Events Team. She also has supporting roles on the Directory and Forum Teams. Like I said, she’s everywhere. Robin’s enthusiasm and passion is contagious. She is a name you can count on seeing when you visit Amassment, and we hope she’s around for a long time to come. <3

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