Below is a list of shrines and fansites made by members of Amassment. They are separated by their respective categories (series origin, e.g. Pokemon is listed in games, and not anime) and listed by series name in alphabetical order. Do you want to submit to the directory? Make sure you’ve read the guidelines, then fill out our form here.

DC Comics Series

Lux Perpetua (Dove from Hawk & Dove by Robin)

Gods Go Begging

Conundrum (General series by Shinju)

Harry Potter

Heart of Uncertainty (Severus Snape by Aeryvae)

Risk (Severus Snape by Mayumi)

His Dark Materials

Destati (General series by Sofia)

Jane Eyre

Inexhaustible Peace (Helen Burns by Robin)

Marvel Comics Series

Checkmate (Kate Bishop by Anise)

Only Human (Clint Barton by Anise)

Pride and Prejudice

Every Savage Can Dance (General series by Saya)

The Hunger Games

Bright Eyes (Peeta Mellark by Daphne)

The Monkey’s Paw

No Evil (General series by Snow Rayjah)

The Sandman

Petal (Nuala by Amy Marie)