Below is a list of shrines and fansites made by members of Amassment. They are separated by their respective categories (series origin, e.g. Pokemon is listed in games, and not anime) and listed by series name in alphabetical order. Do you want to submit to the directory? Make sure you’ve read the guidelines, then fill out our form here.


All Hail (Joel McHale by Sarah)

Breathe Drew (Drew Barrymore by Todd)

Emotionally Evocative (Adrien Brody by Patricia)

Collectible Games

The Gamer’s Repose (Magic: the Gathering, HeroClix, Star Wars Minis by Robin)


Immemorial (Lamassu by Destinie)

Memoria (Elephants by Megan)

Orange People (Orang Utans by Eunice)

The Egyptian Vulture Through Mythology and History (Egyptian Vulture by dubiousdisc)


20 years old (ONE OK ROCK by Larissa)

Bare Grace (Sasaki Yuko by Kiel)

In the Spotlight (Kyushima Misachi by Eimii)

Mizrocks (Watanabe Mizuki by Kiel)

My Story (Hamasaki Ayumi by Larissa)

One or Eight (Do As Infinity by Ava)

Replay (SHINee by Elysa)


Kitty Kat Goddess of Kittehs (Bastet by Andi)