Below is a list of shrines and fansites made by members of Amassment. They are separated by their respective categories (series origin, e.g. Pokemon is listed in games, and not anime) and listed by series name in alphabetical order. Do you want to submit to the directory? Make sure you’ve read the guidelines, then fill out our form here.

Octopath Traveler

Cyrus Albright (Cyrus Albright by Jae)

Parasite Eve

Liberation (Aya Brea by Snow Rayjah)

Persona 3

Angels (Takeba Yukari & Kirijo Mitsuru by Tara)

Affinity (Takeba Yukari by Tara)

Canary (Kirijo Mitsuru by Tara)

Defining Hero (Iori Junpei by Megan)

Heart of Glass (Yoshino Chidori by Megan)

Hot Fuzz (Koromaru by Cherri)

In Harmony (Kirijo Mitsuru by Snow Rayjah)

Paint it Black (Aragaki Shinjiro by Samantha)

Resonance (Sanada Akihiko & Kirijo Mitsuru by Samantha)

Sketches (Iori Junpei & Yoshino Chidori by Megan)

Telos (Hamuko/Minako by Tara)

Transience (Pharos by Snow Rayjah)

Undefeated (Sanada Akihiko by Cherri)

Persona 4

Duality (Tatsumi Kanji by Aku)

Roaring Dragon (Satonaka Chie by Tara)


Aegina (Squirtle by Megan)

Antimatter (Giratina by Tara)

Aqua (Vaporeon by Michelle)

Bio (Janine by Tara)

Brave Bird (Pidgeot by Crystal)

Bunny Kick! (Lopunny by Crystal)

Cute Charm (Sylveon by Emma)

Dancing with Devils (Houndoom by Samantha)

Dark Claws (Sneasel by dubiousdisc)

Dark Side of the Moon (Umbreon by Cherri)

Dragonheart (Lance by Samantha)

Drift Away (Drifloon by Todd)

Electric Tance (Elesa by Megan)

Elegence (Latias by Medli)

Ember (Flareon by Crystal)

Fire Dancer (Kiawe by Destinie)

Flame Spirit (Charizard by Saya)

Flames of Royalty (Pyroar by Samantha)

Flash (Shinx by Medli)

Friendly Shadow (Umbreon by dragoneyes)

Fury Cutter (Scyther by Larissa)

Future Sight (Gardevoir by Crystal)

Grace like Ice (Glaceon by Tara)

Heatstorm (Cyndaquil by Vii)

Illusionist (Zoroak by Saya)

Imprison (Ninetales by Larissa)

Into the Sky (Winona by Megan)

Ivalace (Leafeon by Megan)

Killer Grin (Pancham by Megan A)

Level 20 (Gyarados by Larissa)

Lithovore (Sableye by dubiousdisc)

Lucky Cat (Meowth by Destinie)

Magnolia (Erika by Megan)

Master That! (Blue by Anise)

Morning Glory (Espeon by Samantha)

On the Mountainside (Gogoat by Megan)

Pink Diamonds (Diancie by Crystal)

Prism (Milotic by Crystal)

Righteous Heart (Absol by Crystal)

Sea Song (Lugia by dragoneyes)

Seasons Change (Sawsbuck by Crystal)

Shuriken (Greninja by Crystal)

Soul Dew (Latias by Larissa)

The Dark Knight (Darkrai by Samantha)

The Godfather (Giovanni by Destinie)

Thunderstorm (Luxio by Destinie)

Tiny Dragon (Dratini by Medli)

Turbulence (Noivern by Samantha)

Voltage (Raichu by Samantha)

Quake III Arena

Cyber Punk (Anarki by dubiousdisc)

Oddball (Orbb by dubiousdisc)

Roller Queen (Slash by dubiousdisc)

Riviera: The Promised Land

Anger (Malice by dubiousdisc)

Rune Factory Series

Precious Memories (Rune Factory 4 by Crystal)

Shadow of the Colossus

And they shall fall (Shadow of the Colossus by Andrea)

Shall We Date?

Naked Love (Billy by Snow Rayjah)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Solitaire (Knuckles the Echidna by Todd)

Soul Calibur

Kremlin Dusk (Tira by Eimii)

Sweet Harmony (Chai Xianghua by Eimii)

Wind Charmer (Talim by Megan)


Black and White (Nash Latkje by Alex)

Sterling (Chris Lightfellow by Alex)

Tales of Graces

Cherish (Cheria Barnes by Samantha)

Purification (Little Queen by Mayumi)

Tales of Symphonia

Chasing a Starlight (Sheena Fujibayashi by Emma)

Count the Stars (Kratos Aurion by Samantha)

Emissary (Sheena Fujibayashi by Michelle)

Paladin (Lloyd Irving by Destinie)

Penumbra (Tenebrae by Destinie)

Ruin (Raine Sage by Michelle)

Strike Like Lightning (Yuan by Megan)

Tales of the Abyss

Catalyst (Jade Curtiss by Michelle)

Defining Royalty (Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear by Samantha)

Flower of the Qliphoth (Tear Grants by Aeryvae)

O Fortuna (Anise Tatlin by Michelle)

Sharpshooter (Legretta by Samantha)

Selenia (Luke fon Fabre & Tear Grants by Samantha)

Swan Song (Luke fon Fabre & Tear Grants by Michelle)

Tales of Xillia/Tales of Xillia 2

Dear King (Wingul by Jae)

My Hands (Ludger Will Kresnik by Snow Rayjah)

The Bouncer

Les Femmes Fatales (Women by Jackie)

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

World Eater (Alduin by Camille)

The Last Story

My Brother My Captain (Dagran by Cherri)

The World Ends With You

Transformation (Misaki Shiki by Crystal)

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 2nd Kiss/Season

Happy Coincidence (Akagi Kazuyuki by Delphine)


Vox Populi (Red by Sophia)

Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen

Thunderclap (Raikou by Jae)

Valkyrie Profile

Heaven’s Requiem (Lenneth by Larissa)

Never Stop Dreaming (Mystina by Larissa)

War of Genesis III

Saint Sherazard (Sherazard by Rinoa)

Wild Arms 2

Gentle Baker (Ashley Winchester by Cherri)

Mandate of Heaven (Pooka by Snow Rayjah)

World of Warcraft

Radiant Dawn (Yrel by Crystal)

Wolfhearted (Varian Wrynn & Anduin Wrynn by Laura)


Liberation (Ziggurat by Bobbi)

Power of Love (Allen Ridgeley by Bobbi)


Get My Shine On (Majima Goro by Cherri)

Silver Dragon (Kiryu Kazuma by Snow Rayjah)

Stupid Dragon (Goda Ryuji by Snow Rayjah)

Yakuza 3

Some Guys Have all the Luck (Mine Yoshitaka by Snow Rayjah)

Viper (Shimabukuro Rikiya by Cherri)

Youkai Watch

Country Bumpkins (Komasan & Komajiro by Destinie)