Below is a list of shrines and fansites made by members of Amassment. They are separated by their respective categories (series origin, e.g. Pokemon is listed in games, and not anime) and listed by series name in alphabetical order. Do you want to submit to the directory? Make sure you’ve read the guidelines, then fill out our form here.

Ace Attorney

Crazy Beautiful (Franziska von Karma by Jackie)

Amnesia: Memories (Series)

Alluring Eyes (Ikki by Kibumie)

Animal Crossing

Aiya (Chow by Eimii)

Grumble (Groucho by Megan A)

Snack Time & Lunch (Pudge by Cherri)

Tomorrow’s Calling (World of Animal Crossing by Robin)

Assassin’s Creed

Nothing is True (General series by Saya)

Atelier Ayesha

Adorabell (Wilbell voll Erslied by Cherri)

Atelier Rorona

Top Chef (Iksel Jahnn by Cherri)

Avalon Code

Asunder (Ur by Destinie)


Rakkaholic (Mordecai by dubiousdisc)

Chrono Cross

Grand Finale (Nikki by Barbara)

Chrono Trigger

A Knight’s Promise (Frog by Cherri)

Black Dream (Schala by Rinoa)

Humanity (Robo by Cherri)

Lady D’Arbanville (Schala by Cherri)

This Fateful Hour (Magus by Todd)

City of Heroes

Skies over Atlas (General series by Robin)

Dragon Age: Inquisition

it is Passion (Dorian Pavus & The Iron Bull by dragoneyes & Saya)

Dragon Age: Origins

Kiss from a Rose (Alistair by Whitney)

Lovable Idiot (Alistair by Saya)

Drakengard 3

Raphael: Cries and Whispers (Two and Cent by Jae)

Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

Bathhouse Angel (Yuno Takeshi by Cherri)

Eternal Sonata

Shine (Polka by Tara)

Final Fantasy (Series)

Diamonds Are Forever (Shiva by Rinoa)

Final Fantasy: Dissidia

Rays of Light (Warrior of Light by Snow Rayjah)

Final Fantasy IV

Amends (Kain Highwind by Alex)

Human Grace (Kain Highwind by Emma)

Lightbringer (Cecil Harvey by Alex)

Nymph (Rydia by Sofia)

Purity (Rosa Farrell by Bobbi)

Requiem (Edward Chris von Muir by Todd)

Final Fantasy VI

Awakening (Music by Larissa)

Renaissance (Locke Cole by Alex)

Royal Protection (Edgar Roni Figaro and Terra Branford by Medli)

Stalwart (Cyan Garamonde by Karen)

Trust Your Heart (Terra Branford by Aeryvae)

Somewhere Only We Know (Sabin Figaro by Todd)

Final Fantasy VII

All Creation (Yuffie Kisaragi by Ava)

Beyond the Sky (Cid Highwind by Larissa)

Cryptic Puppet (Cait Sith & Reeve Tuesti by Aeryvae)

Fair Verona (Aerith Gainsborough & Zack Fair by Stefi)

Fall of the Sky (Zack Fair by Anise)

Gunpoint (Shalua Rui by Snow Rayjah)

House on Haunted Hill (Vincent Valentine by Snow Rayjah)

Howling Moon (Red XIII/Nanaki by Emma)

Libertine (Reno by Alex)

Never Gone (Sephiroth by Cherri)

Niflheim (General series by Cherri)

Uplift (Cissnei by Fiona)

When it rains, it pours (Cloud Strife by Snow Rayjah)

Within Reach (Cloud Strife & Tifa Lockhart by Medli)

Final Fantasy VIII

Antihero (Squall Leonhart by Stefi)

Blitzartig (Zell Dincht by Sofia)

Bombshell (Quistis Trepe by Sophia)

Divide (Squall Leonhart by Larissa)

Drafted (Laguna Loire by Larissa)

Rebelling Princess (Rinoa Heartilly by Rinoa)

Second Chances (General series by Sofia)

Shift (Squall Leonhart by Aeryvae)

Wishing Star (Rinoa Heartilly by Ava)

Veracity (Laguna Loire by Alex)

Final Fantasy IX

Archimage (Vivi Orunitia by Aeryvae)

Final Fantasy X/X-2

1000 Words (Lenne by Ava)

A Fading Dream (Tidus & Yuna by Medli)

Nocturne (Shuyin by Sofia)

Ode to a Star (Jecht by Jae)

Pearl (Lenne by Janice)

Poltergeist (Tidus by Todd)

Song of Prayer (Yunalesca by Rinoa)

The Foundational Elements of Spira (Aeons by SnowRayjah)

Through the Ruin Grey (Beatrix by Emma)

Will (Yuna by Chrissy)

Woman in Black (Lulu by Cherri)

Final Fantasy XII

Aurora (Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca by Michelle)

Boundless (Balthier by Stefi)

Deadly Scream (Zalera by Cherri)

Dissonant (Gabranth by Fiona)

Galbana Lily (Reks by Cherri)

Sisterwood (Jote, Fran & Mrjn by Snow Rayjah)

Winds of Change (General series by Larissa)

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/Lightning Returns

Catalyst (Serah Farron by Kersheys)

Defiers of Fate (General series by Larissa)

Promises (Serah Farron by Rems)

Roses Have Thorns (Lightning by Ava)

Tear Down the Sky (Oerba Yun Fang by Michelle)

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Life and Aether (General series by Saya)

Final Fantasy XV

Moonrise (Lunafreya Nox Fleuret by Larissa)

Fire Emblem: Awakening

A Murder of Crows (Henry by Todd)

Anathema (Tharja by Tara)

Braveheart (Chrom by Crystal)

Primevère (Cherche by Michelle)

Save the World (Lucina by Crystal)

Second to None (Cordelia by Crystal)

Wyvern Friend (Cherche by Crystal)

Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword

Chivalrous Spirit (Sain by Delphine)

Honor Bound (Lloyd Reed by Cherri)

Soul Survivor (Lyndis by Crystal)

Wounded (Linus Reed by Snow Rayjah)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

Cross Sage (Tormod by Jae)

Imperial (Sanaki by Samantha)

Like a Lion (Stefan by Samantha)

Fire Emblem Series

Pick A God And Pray (General series by Rems)

Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~

Guardian (Hijikata Toshizo by Snow Rayjah)

Never Boring With You (Kazama Chikage & Yukimura Chizuru by Camille)

Seppuku (Harada Sanosuke by Cherri)

Haunting Ground

Killing Perfection (Fiona Belli by LadyDB)

Hyrule Warriors

Heroic Tale (Linkle by Crystal)

Kingdom Hearts

Amazing (Terra by Snow Rayjah)

Awakening (Sora by Stefi)

Azalea (Marluxia by Megan)

Darker than Winter (Saix by Megan)

Destino (Kairi by Rems)

Drift (Roxas by Chrissy)

Flare Up (Axel & Sora by Megan)

Heart (Kairi by Medli)

Imitation (Riku Replica by Megan)

Inter Somnia (Kingdom Hearts 3D by Saya)

Into the Black (Axel by Megan)

Memento (Naminé by Samantha)

Miss Murder (Larxene by Samantha)

Stormfall (Aqua by Samantha)

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder

Distant Love (Kishi Mamoru by Snow Rayjah)

Legend of Dragoon

Blazing Dynamo (Dart Feld by Cherri)

Valkyrie (Rose by Lethe)

Legend of Mana

Dear Diary (Li’l Cactus by Snow Rayjah)

Malignant (Bud by Cherri)

Legend of Zelda

Consequence (Zelda by Alex)

Her Majesty (Rutela by Cherri)

Heroic Tale (Linkle by Crystal)

Lullaby (Princess Zelda by Crystal)

Midnight (Midna by Cherri)

Rock Steady (Darunia by Destinie)

The Epic Love Story of Groose (and Impa) (Groose & Impa by Cherri)

Through Realms (Link by Destinie)

Transcend Time (Ocarina of Time by Crystal)

Woodsiren (Saria by Aeryvae)

LISA: The Painful RPG

Shining Prince of Nothing (Horrace Finkel by high seraph)

Love Live!

Majesty (Aikawa Ryou by Emrys)

Mass Effect

Chasseresse (Nyreen Kandos by Laura)


Galactic Protection (General series by Medli)