Curious about the many different things that go on behind the scenes to deliver the full community experience? Here’s a brief overview of the things we do. Most of the admins and staffers are active in several of these areas, coordinating tasks to give Amassment its direction and make the community a cohesive whole at any time of the year.

Communications Area

The Communcations Area aims to expand Amassment off-site, especially via social media, in hopes that more people learn about shrines and join the community. Creativity and presentation play a large part in getting the right content to the right audience. Responsibilities include:

  • discussing different avenues
  • brainstorming and planning social media content
  • maintaining social media accounts
  • interacting with off-site visitors

Directory Area

The Directory Area concerns itself with the maintenance of our domain. Its primary goal is to keep everything up-to-date, most of all the shrine directory. Organization and information need to facilitate navigating Amassment as a member and visitor. Responsibilities include:

  • adding new shrines to the directory
  • performing regular link checks
  • informing the community about directory activity
  • running the Shrine Spotlight program

Events Area

The Events Area revolves around one of Amassment’s biggest attractions: community events. Observing trends, listening to what members want and gauging member activity over the year are essential to the coordination and success of any planned events. Responsibilities include:

  • brainstorming, planning, scheduling and executing events
  • driving the making of shrines through Challenges and Marathons
  • organizing shrine-related or community-fostering Activities
  • promoting event participation via communication

Forum Area

The Forum Area overlooks day-to-day member relations and interactions at the busiest part of our community. The goal is to promote a fun atmosphere, to make members feel welcome and help them find what they need, and to drive interaction and activity, especially by way of discussions. Responsibilities include:

  • moderating and organizing the forums
  • posting the Monthly Rewind
  • keeping community stickies up-to-date
  • starting regular discussions

Administrators The people behind the scenes

Admins are responsible for community direction and cohesion. They lead the different areas of Amassment, coming up with new ideas, gauging what the community wants or needs and ensuring that plans come to fruition.

Sofia of

Featured Shrines: Nocturne, Odi & Amo, Second Chances

Support Administrator Sofia fills in on the many different areas of Amassment, supporting admins and staffers as needed. She leads the events area, where she runs events, offers input, and creates banners.

Stefi of

Featured Shrines: Antihero

Communications Administrator Stefi’s responsibilities cover off-site community promotion and overseeing Amassment’s platforms outside of the forums, such as Twitter and Discord. In charge of front-facing community representation, she ensures that members are updated with news and changes on a regular basis, and is the first person to approach with any questions or inquiries about Amassment. Occasionally, she contributes as an operations strategist in other areas to make sure things are running smoothly at the community.

Camy of

Featured Shrines: Sesshoumaru’s Castle, Control Their Lives, World Eater

Awards & Directory Administrator Camy plans and executes our Shrine Spotlight program, and the making of many of the images and awards we use at Amassment. She is also in charge of working on the directory and updating the main site to make sure everything is recent.

Staffers Those who help make everything work

Staffers discuss, brainstorm, and help execute the many initiatives at our community. Some staffers have a focus area, but most volunteer and help out around the whole community. Positions are filled based on need, so if there are areas open for volunteers and you’re interested in helping us, please apply!

Megan of

Featured Shrines: Dissident, After the Storm, Into the Black

Activity Staffer Megan applied for Amassment’s staff team saying “I want to do this!” and pitched an idea called Little Bits. Litte Bits is her main focus, but she can also be found contributing to Amassment’s social media accounts, for which she has an interest and passion.

Robin of

Featured Shrines: Lux Perpetua, Gifted, Counterbalance

Challenge Staffer Robin’s primary focus are our bi-annual Challenges. In addition to brainstorming, planning, and running those, she contributes to the forum, focusing on theming discussions with events. Passionate about the community and writing, Robin volunteers all around the community, even offering shrine betas.

Nyx Midnight of

Featured Shrines: Extraordinary

Communications Staffer Nyx’s primary focus is helping out moderate Amassment’s Discord server to make sure that it’s a safe place to chat about shrines and other subjects.

Tara of

Featured Shrines: Telos, Brighter, Anathema

Freelance Staffer Tara’s responsibilities are a jack of all trades to help out any areas that staff that needs help with from checking links in the directory, to helping out moderating the forums and lend a hand with events if needed.

Former Admins and Staffers Those who have contributed in the past

Angelita of (Directory Staffer)

Ava of (Admin)

Cherri of (Events Staffer)

Chibi of (Events Staffer)

Chrissy of (Admin)

Crystal of (Events Staffer)

Daphne of (Admin)

Destinie of (Admin)

Dragoneyes of (Directory Staffer)

Dubiousdisc of (Admin)

Emma of (Freelance Staffer)

Juhi of (Events Staffer)

Karen of (Directory Staffer)

Lethe of (Admin)

Masao of (Admin)

Megan A of (Freelance Staffer)

Mikari of (Marketplace Staffer)

Momoko of (Events Staffer)

Samantha of (Admin)

Sarah of (Forum Staffer)

Saya of (Directory Staffer)

Todd of (Admin)

Varen of (Admin)

Vii of (Events Staffer)

Yamila of (Directory Staffer)