Chasing A Starlight – Sheena Fujibayahi

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Re: Chasing A Starlight – Sheena Fujibayahi

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I looked at it again and I didn't have trouble reading this time around, so it's all good now :D
Shady indeed. D: I mean, it's kind of implied by everyone else that they're untrustworthy ninjas but then you just go there all lalala and the only hostility ever comes from Kuchinawa, but yeah, you're right that they can't be good people.

To clarify - I think that the Kratos ending was treated as a special thing that you're supposed to get but not really, and that the default ending is that Zelos survives. So, it's simultaneously wanting you to get the Kratos ending with all the backstory and blah blah, but also...not really expecting you to? So they essentially forgot to write the implications of Zelos dying in that case. Which is really shitty, and if you take it as actually part of the narrative (I don't, but) kinda proves his entire point about everything? D:

I like Kratos too but... wow, I couldn't do that. And, honestly, realizing that to learn more about Kratos you need to let Zelos commit suicide kinda actually turned me off Kratos' character in general. Couldn't they have thought of this better?

But yeah, I don't believe for a second that Sheena would just go :( once and then not talk about that ever again. We've already seen her deal with grief, after all, so the characterization is already there, and I don't believe that with Corrine she's going to despair, but Zelos dies and she essentially just shrugs. XD
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