an apology + affirmation

Interested in playing or replaying Mass Effect, or even considering making a shrine to it? Join the event - and perhaps even the group playthrough - between January and June 2017!
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Tue Mar 21, 2017 8:25 pm

Hey team -

So, as you may have noticed: I haven't been nearly as active in directing this event as I should be. I don't have a good reason. I have a draining job, but no more so than usual ... I think I got a bit intimidated, like, 'oh dang, I'm not that great of a gamer, THEY WILL KNOW.'

Obviously: I need to get over that.

I wanted to say I'm definitely still absolutely in this, and I'm going to try to stir activity for those who are playing. To be honest, I haven't begun my playthrough, but I'm-a-gonna-start this week. I'm going to try to tweet about it (I'm @friedectoplasm) - I'd love to interact there, or if you use Discord, to discuss Turian flirting tactics in the chat.

Honestly, I'd welcome anyone's ideas for how to interact with this event, or possible improvements, or ideas generally!

Again, I'm so sorry, and I'm still in this.

<3 S


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Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:38 am

Hey no sweat, I haven't done my playthrough either <3 Been backing up things to get ready for my new PC build so I can play Andromeda soon.

Here's some ideas I just thought about:

-Make a badge for fun to put on our sites later?
-Create ME memes cause WHY NOT?
-Topic Questions of your favorite companion/quest/cutscene/weapon and why?
-Another question would be "Would you punch a news anchor?"
-Who would win "character vs character" scenarios for lulz?
-"I should go"
-Make some funny news with
I accept your challenge, "high prince", but I am no general.

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Wed Apr 05, 2017 5:51 pm

Hey guys! I haven't been around either... Just after the marathon started is when my health problems kinda went haywire. Talk about bad timing. :( I felt so bad not being able to participate in this at all, especially since I was co-creating it with Sophia -- who, I may add, has been absolutely amazing and understanding about what's been going on with me. Thanks Sophia. <3

I'm not sure how soon I'll get into shrine making but during my Andromeda playthrough, I HAVE been taking a million screenshots of Vetra. LOL You know, because one female turian shrine wasn't enough? Though I'm really loving Drack a lot (I have a lot of screenies of him too, just not as many, lol).
Maybe poking around here will inspire me to try to work a little bit? I hope so!

Camy... LOL "Would you punch a news anchor?" Well... not in this game. ;)

I'll add to this:
- Favourite squad mate banter
- Favourite squad setup; who do you always bring with you?
- What's your favourite shop on the Citadel/Nexus? XD
- How much ryncol can a krogan drink before they drop??? do we want to know???? "I bet I can handle it."

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