FFXIV-related shrine?

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FFXIV-related shrine?

Post by levise »


I finally can make a bit of time to get some stuff started! However I'm... admittedly very new to shrine-making and I wanted to try my hand at making a shrine to the popular MMO Final Fantasy—but I realize that might be too massive an undertaking for a first project considering the enormous scope of the game.

So I'm aiming for something smaller—something like a shrine to an NPC or character in FFXIV. The problem is that I'm torn between a few options:

1) I could make a shrine for popular womanizing(?) Scion, Thancred Waters! This one I'd feel a bit more confident in gathering information and researching for. He's definitely one of my favorites, especially after playing through A Realm Reborn a second time. I'd love to write for him sometime!

2) Minfilia Warde! Minfilia Warde! Minfilia Warde!! Oh my gosh she's my biggest fave! I've always been pretty fond of her even on my first playthrough of FFXIV and I'd fight anyone who'd badmouth her! (Not really. I wouldn't. I have noodle arms and I am small.) Though it's pretty difficult to find more information on her since there's a huge bulk of information about her in the first iteration of FFXIV (which is infamous for its many, many pitfalls and had to be nuked for A Realm Reborn to... well, be born).

And then... the most difficult part: design. 8') But I guess that can come later once I figure what exactly I want to write about...

Any feedback or suggestions would be lovely! :D
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Re: FFXIV-related shrine?

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Hmm...you have good cases for writing either shrine! At this point it's pretty much a coin toss to see which one you make first--I'm wondering though if doing research for the first site could help dig up info for the second one listed? That might be a good idea!
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