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Okay so, I got into AA pretty late, later than usual fans, I think. I got into it around the time that Apollo Justice was released, so about 2009 or 2010? BUT I'VE BEEN UTTERLY IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES EVER SINCE. I marathoned all four games in like a week, I was super addicted and super obsessed! And of course I later played every game that came after it, I haven't missed one yet, it's like a ritual for me. I completely love this series, I love the characters and of course I LOVE ALL THE SILLY INTERNET JOKES.

Favorite characters:
Oh gosh WHO DO I CHOOSE. I love everyone. Every character. I think my favourites are Phoenix, Maya, Edgeworth, Gumshoe, Godot and Mia. THEY'RE ALL MY FAVES.

Favorite games:
I think Trials and Tribulations has to be my favourite, although only slightly. I absolutely love the original as well, it has the best music for me (music in T&T is also good, but I like original's music better). My least favourite is probably Apollo Justice.

Favorite / Least favorite cases:
Again, HOW DO I CHOOSE. I love the entirety of T&T and the original one. All the cases. My favourites are probably the last ones of each though (the storyline and ending of T&T and cases 4 and 5 of the original... just amazing). Also, strangely I don't hate Turnabout Big Top. :'D I dislike most of the cases of Apollo Justice though... if not all of them. AAI cases are okay. I remember enjoying Dual Destinies, although I've only played it once (while I've replayed the others at least 5 times each), so I'll need to play it a second time to say for sure. But yeah, first game and T&T = win for me.

I have yet to get Spirit of Justice, but I downloaded the demo and watched the trailers and AAAAHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT!! As soon as I can afford it, it shall be mine!

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