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Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:47 am

Sign Up:
To sign up for Secret Santa, make sure you've read the guidelines here, directing any questions to that thread.

Reply to this thread with your sign up info. Leave as much comment as possible regarding the types of gifts you prefer, as well as not prefer (look at gift suggestions in the guide post for ideas). Your secret santa will be looking at this post for information on you and your preferences.

By signing up you will be expected to send me (Masao) a gift to pass on to your secret santa by the due date of December 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th. If something should come up, please contact me about it in advance. In addition to this form, if you have any gift preferences you don't want to publicly post, please PM them to me and I'll pass those along on a need to know basis.

Send gifts to masao (-at-)

Sign Up Form:
* Name:
* Preferred Contact Method: (how you'd like to receive your gift; example: email or PM. If you'd like to keep this private, PM me with it)
* Collective URL: (easier access for your secret santa)
* Your top fandoms: (list things you're interested getting gifts of, to best help your secret santa with ideas. Feel free to update your Connections post with links to profiles that could give ideas about your interests, or your joined fanlistings)
* Gifts you'd like to receive: (list from gift suggestions, or anything you'd like. More info, the better :heart: )
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid: (things you already have, or don't need. Again, more info is better)
* Comments: (any additional info you'd like your secret santa to know)

Code: Select all

* [u]Name:[/u] 
* [u]Preferred Contact Method:[/u] 
* [u]Collective URL:[/u] 
* [u]Your top fandoms:[/u] 
* [u]Gifts you'd like to receive:[/u] 
* [u]Gifts you'd prefer to avoid:[/u] 
* [u]Comments:[/u] 
:star: Note:
For those having trouble filling the fandoms out, just focus on listing the ones you'd like to receive gifts from. It doesn't have to be a complete list of all your fandoms, but do list the fandoms you're really into and would like to see gifts made using.

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Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:56 pm

* Name: Camy
* Preferred Contact Method: Discord (Siren#3369) /
* Collective URL:

* Your top fandoms:
  • 1. Fire Emblem Fates (Xander, Leo, Laslow, and Niles)
    2. Code: Realize (Van Helsing/Cardia)
    3. Hakuouki (Chikage Kazama)
    4. Mystic Messenger (V and Jumin Han, though V far more <3333)
    5. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down. I can't think up of another right now so this is a filler rick roll trololol I REMEMBER, ahem, Yuri On Ice!!! (Viktor/Yuuri Katsuki ohoho)
* Gifts you'd like to receive: Buttons for newer sites, fanfic, fanart, and icons 8D
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid: Wallpaper and layouts, I'm pretty picky I'm sorry orz
* Comments: THERE I BROKE THE ICE. Also this gonna be fun, love the idea of rounds~ <3 My tumblr showcases a lot of what I like >D
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Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:09 pm

* Name: Aku
* Preferred Contact Method:
* Collective URL: &

* Your top fandoms: My shrine collective is a pretty good example of my long-term fandoms (Gintama, Macross, Jojo, SMT), and my fanlisting collective a very carefully curated list of my all time favorite subjects: all of those are always a safe bet!! For stuff that I'm super into right now that I haven't had the chance to build stuff for (yet, hehehe):
  • 1. Overwatch (Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Reaper... Mccree/Hanzo :blush: )
    2. POKEMON... (I'm playing Moon right now! MY STARTER IS LITTEN!! But I love Clefairy & Gengar a lot and they are my OGs. I also love Grimsley!)
    3. Mystic Messenger (Yoosung!!, Jumin)
    4. Haikyuu!! (Kageyama Tobio)
    5. HUNTERxHUNTER (Killua Zoldyck, Killua & Gon's Beautiful Friendship, the Chimera Ant arc...)
    6. Animal Crossing (KID CAT!, Joey, Vesta, Lolly, Mira... also I may or may not be in love with Cyrus don't judge me)
    7. I love SHINee (Minho) and EXO (Suho) and I also really love BIGBANG! (TOP!)
* Gifts you'd like to receive: I'm pretty open to anything thrown at me! Buttons for my collectives, shrine related, non-shrine related, fanart, fanfics, pretty edits i can reblog on Tumblr (BLAME LETHE FOR THIS IDK), custom made QR clothes for my ACNL mayor! :D As a side note: I have a number of fanlistings that lack the amount of codes they should have, so codes in those areas would be more than welcome! Otherwise get down with your bad self and do what you want... I'll appreciate any amount of your time. :heart:
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid: No layouts, please! I'm pretty picky about my site design & I'm also probably too busy/lazy to update a layout even if I got one. :sob:
* Comments: If you would like to stalk me further please feel free to check out my Tumblr as it more or less gives a pretty good representation of what I'm into at the moment... :swt: If I think of anything else I'll edit this post!

Ahh, I love Secret Santa, but I'm always running them and never get to participate so I'm soooo looking forward to this! :blush:
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Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:17 pm

* Name: Lethe
* Preferred Contact Method: Email: lethe [AT]
* Collective URL:
* Your top fandoms:
  • I'm into a ton of things, but I've mainly listed popular/well-known stuff here so that the lists don't get bloated. Here's further info: MyAnimeList (manga; if you display by score, score 7-10 usually means I like it) / MyAnimeList Profile (has lists of favourite series and characters) / Backloggery (video games; sidebar lists my favourites) / joined fanlistings (for specific characters/relationships) / Tumblr
  • Manga/Manhwa: Angel Sanctuary, God Child (Cain/Riff), NANA, HunterxHunter (also the anime; Killua, Hisoka/Illumi, Machi), One Piece (no post-timeskip; Robin, Nami, Zoro/Luffy), Uraboku, Tokyo Babylon, Ciel: The Last Autumn Story
  • Anime: Digimon Adventure, Free! (MakoHaruuu), Revolutionary Girl Utena (Juri, Kozue, Shiori)
  • Video Games: Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Lupin, Cardia, Victor), Odin Sphere (Gwendolyn, Oswald, Mercedes), The World Ends with You (Shiki, Neku, Joshua), some Kingdom Hearts (Riku, Naminé, Roxas, Aqua; Riku/Sora), Amnesia: Memories (only Shin's pretty face)

    (THESE AREN'T OFFICIALLY MY "TOP FANDOMS" OK but they're the stuff best suited for gifts and/or stuff I'm into RN!!!)
* Gifts you'd like to receive:
  • Anything personal and creative most of all!! <3 I really enjoy graphics (and stuff like Tumblr photosets that I can reblog) depicting things I love. And manga colourings (stolen from Kate below)! And poetry! And pretty quotes! AND THE COMBINATION OF THAT STUFF. (stuff like this and this) Really, it doesn't have to be website-related at all. It'd be great to get something that has some of YOU in it - and some of me. Then it'll be something of us. Hehe. :heart: omg. /o\
  • Recommendations of songs with pretty lyrics that remind you of a character or relationship I like. Especially when the songs are quiet, melancholic and sad.
  • Personal fanfic recommendations of obscure things I'm into. ... If you're on Tumblr and there's graphic edits or fanart that makes one want to tear out their own heart, share them with me. I need pain.
  • Links to interesting essays (meta, analysis, interpretation, etc.) relevant to any fandom I'm into (not just the ones listed above). THESE ARE MY FAVOURITE THING OK (which is why I'm so tl;dr).
  • Buttons for shrines (88x31, 100x35, 200x40) because I reside in button hell. Several shrines are missing 1-2 of those button sizes too.
  • Site resources, specifically paper textures, and elegant graphics/brushes that can be used as dividers/hrs. Please let me know the source too (or link resource sites!) so I can give proper credit.
  • Simple layout (or header/bg) for joined fanlistings because the current one is a lazy filler.
  • Layout (or header/bg) for Claymore Gallery because the current one is completely unsuitable for a gallery in many ways.
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid: shrine layouts, personal icons, wallpapers (weird resolutions and CLUTTER on desktop ok), fun media for shrines where no media section is planned (media is great, and I'd love any fanwork!! but depending on the shrine, I might not put it up on a single page, just so you know in advance! maybe on a separate gifts page though :D)
* Comments: DON'T WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS OK. The first thing listed is all I need. You can send me a ~holiday card~ with a graphic edit or poetry every week and I'd be super happy!!
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Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:34 pm

* Name: Emrys
* Preferred Contact Method: emcy.fls[at]
* Collective URL:
* Your top fandoms:
I have so so many... I don't even know where to start....

Anime/Manga: Boku no Hero Academia, Shokugeki no Souma, Lovely Complex, Haikyuu!!, Daiya no Ace, Yuri on Ice!! - honestly, I am into wayyyy too many things to list and I still love old and past series - feel free to take a look into MAL account.
Games: Tales of series (Abyss, Xillia, Vesperia, Zestiria and Graces are among my favs~), Kingdom Hearts (FAV OF ALL TIME), Love Live, Final Fantasy 12/14.
Cartoons/Books/Movies: Avatar: the Last Air Bender, Voltron, Gravity Falls, Disney movies (I am guilty of loving the Disney Fairies)

* Gifts you'd like to receive: I would love, honestly, anything. Fanart, fanfic, icons (for fun or for feature on any of my sites), buttons/codes, wallpapers (desktop or mobile), layouts for any of my fanlistings, miscellaneous graphics etc etc.
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid: Layouts for anything other than my fanlistings and... I guess.... that's it...? idk. I'M NOT PICKY.
* Comments: Honestly, I am happy with anything that people take the time to make for me. I appreciate your hard work! :D/

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Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:28 pm

* Name: Kate
* Preferred Contact Method:
* Collective URL:
* Your top fandoms:
  • ~ Voltron: I probably talk about Takashi Shirogane on a daily basis. I love that man haha! However I adore the entire series, so anything can work here!
  • ~ Orange (manga/anime): I'm adding this series in because I am absolutely in love with this series. It has shattered and built my heart up again and again. I absolutely adore Kakeru Naruse, and anything involving this entire series is going to warmly welcomed.
  • ~ Bleach (manga): This is one of the safest places to bet on things that I like, I am a massive Rukia Kuchiki fan, and I have intense love and respect or the Ichigo/Rukia duo, as well as Rukia/Renji. But lets be real, IchiRukiRen gives me life.
  • ~ Pokemon: This subject has a very very special place in my heart. I've been playing since pre-school with my best pal. My personal favorite Pokemon is Arcanine but Vaporeon is also very dear to me! Anything Pokemon themed would be AMAZING!
  • ~ Katekyo Hitman Reborn (manga): I'll never give this series up! /sobs/ Subjects that stick out from KHR would be Tsunayoshi Sawada, Takeshi Yamamoto, Haru Miura, Hibari Kyoya, 2786 (Tsuna/Haru), and 8059 (Yamamoto/Gokudera).
  • ~ Bulk Favorites: Free! (RIN MATSUOKA), Love Live! (Umi & Yoshiko), Yuri on Ice (Yuuri Katsuki), Haikyuu (Nishinoya & Kageyama), and art in all forms.
* Gifts you'd like to receive:
  • ~ I'm going to go ahead and totally agree with Lethe (points up), that these gifts don't have to necessarily be website related! Something creative and personal is ALWAYS welcomed! I am very sentimental and will keep every gift dear to my heart. ;;; A rock with some paint on it would sit by window until the day died hahaha! A little sprite, a pretty tumblr graphic, a drawing or fan art, I LOVE manga colorings, a personal play list or fan mix! Anything and everything would be cherished by me. ;;;;
  • ~ However I would be more than accepting of website related things!! I'm not picky at all! :3 Buttons (88x31 & 200x40) are always welcomed because I struggle with them a lot!! T_T Transparent PNGs of the above subjects. Layout headers, full layouts (For my fanlisting collective, Aquali, or even a cool contact page!). Twitter icons or headers, ahh really anything goes! ♥
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid:
The only gifts I would probably say to avoid would be.. A layout for Hakuren.Org, phone wallpapers, and desktop wallpapers, because I AM SO LAZY WITH WALLPAPERS. haha!!
* Comments: All the things listed above are subjects I would most likely create shrines or things for! :D I know I'm slow (and scared) when it comes to releasing shrines, but there are a lot hidden away deep within my domain. @_@;;; Please don't stress over my list very much, you don't have to strictly gift anything I listed! Please give yourself absolute freedom! :D I am extremely easy going with gifts, and I am honestly happy to just be a part of a Secret Santa!
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Sat Nov 12, 2016 7:35 pm

* Name: Tara
* Preferred Contact Method: nekobeams{@}gmail{.}com
* Collective URL:
* Your top fandoms:
- Love Live! School Idol Festival: Honoka and Rin are my favourites, it's what you can catch me on Twitter muttering about most of the time... My favourite ships are RinMaki, TsubaHonk, NozoEli, and HonoRin.
- Fire Emblem: Fates: It's hard to pick favourites here, but the Royal Sisters, Laslow, Odin, Soleil, and basically every girl from the Conqest side is who I tend to swoon over. I don't really have any ships save for anything with Soleil as long as it's gay. Solphelia, Solnina, etc.
- Tales of Xillia: I haven't played 2 yet but!! JudeMillaLeia are my favourites but seperately and apart. Tiny soft spot for Alvin too.
- Macross (Frontier, Delta): I'm still watching Delta, but SherylRanka is my biggest OTP and two of my fvourite characters... As far as Delta goes, Freya and Mikumo are my favs.
* Gifts you'd like to receive: I would be okay with just about anything; a new layout for s shrine that needs one, and phone/desktop wallpapers are ones I will always appreciate. I really don't have too much of preference! I'll appreciate just about anything. :>
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid: I can't really think of anything I wouldn't like, like I mentioned before, I'm pretty open to anything. Thank you!!
* Comments: I'm so excited for this! Feel free to check me out of Twitter if you would like to see more of what I'm into!
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Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:46 pm

* Name: Megan A
* Preferred Contact Method: email or discord megan#2704
* Collective URL:
* Your top fandoms: I've provided a list of the things that I'm currently into, and you can also check out my fanlisting collective or even tumblr!
  • - Tales of series (Symphonia, Abyss and Zestiria mostly; Colette, Regal, Jade, Mikleo, Laphicet)
  • - Legend of Zelda (OoT/MM Link, Impa, Princess Zelda)
  • - HunterxHunter (Kurapika)
  • - Nintendo stuff in general!! (Chrono Trigger, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Story of Seasons, cute stuff)
  • - Danganronpa (Nagito, Gundham, Byakuya, Kyoko, Makoto)
  • - Bravely Default (Tiz)
  • - Fire Emblem (anyone with muscles)
  • - Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Green)
  • - Yuri on Ice (Yurio)
  • - Movies: Animated (How to Train Your Dragon, Up, Brave), Ghibli (Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke)
  • - KPOP - Wonder Girls, SHINee (JONGHYUN), Big Bang
* Gifts you'd like to receive: Gifts don't need to be related to my websites at all! I will love anything. Here are some ideas:
  • - fav fonts, textures, resources
  • - cute graphics, icons for the forums or twitter, photosets that I can reblog on Tumblr, a cute holiday card/edit, things I could maybe display on my domain
  • - muscle appreciation pics/fanart/gifs/whatever
  • - introduce me to cool otoge/shoujo with cool guys
  • - introduce me to cool middle-aged anime men
  • - Layouts for any fanlistings listed here
  • - Anything creative!! Fanmade works such as fanart, media scans, manga colorings, etc! <33 I'll love anything. I AM NOT PICKY.
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid:
  • - layouts for anything not on the list above
  • - wallpapers (I never change my desktop)
* Comments: Please don't stress out!!! I will love anything. I'M EXCITED TO PARTICIPATE WITH YOU ALL THIS YEAR. Thanks to those of you that posted first for some ideas I swiped borrowed.
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Sun Nov 13, 2016 5:20 pm

* Name: Andrea
* Preferred Contact Method: andrea#4881 (Discord) / o.neverlands[@] (e-mail)
* Collective URL:
* Your top fandoms: I have quite a number of different interests! My domain and my Tumblr are a good reflection of what I like (this tag might be helpful!). In any case, you can never go wrong with these:

Anime/Manga: X/1999, Tokyo Babylon, CLAMP, Death Note, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Wolf's Rain, Yu Yu Hakusho (Kurama), Free! (Makoto/kittens/MakoHaru), Bleach (Ichimaru Gin, Soifon, IchiRuki, glory of bygone days), Yumeka Sumomo stuff
Video Games: The Legend of Zelda (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask), Dragon Age, Final Fantasy (VII, X/X-2), Team Ico games
Literature: A Song of Ice and Fire (books only), William Shakespeare, poetry (Richard Siken, Ocean Vuong, Andrea Gibson, Pablo Neruda, etc.; anything romantic or dreamy, haha)
Other/General: anything Peter Pan, EXO (Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Chanyeol/Baekhyun), Black Sails (TV show), Wong Kar-Wai films (Chungking Express, Happy Together), space, the color green, pixel art, summer, pretty scenery

* Gifts you'd like to receive: I'm pretty much open to anything—shrine-related or not! Links to funny videos/Vines you think I might enjoy, fandom/quotes/poetry posts to reblog on Tumblr! Art, fanart, fanmixes! Recommendations for manga or video games, links to graphic resources (textures, etc.) that you think I might like; I love wood and paper things, hehe. Forum/Twitter icons, buttons/fanlisting codes, layouts for the fanlistings that need them.
  • — summer-related things, stash of backshots in any kind of media, photosets (melancholia, solitude), shrine name suggestions, links to meta/essays/analysis/interpretation (I will read anything), self-written walls of text (delicious TL;DR), fic recs (fluff)
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid: Hm, wallpapers, I guess? Can't really think of much. I'm pretty much open to anything!
* Comments: I will literally love anything I get, so don't worry too much and have fun! Don't feel as if you have to make everything yourself, haha; just recommendations will give me warm fuzzies. Happy holidays and thank you for being sweet and just taking the time to gift me things!

Special shout-out to Lethe for drafting me a wishlist! I've tossed some of your suggestions in, lololol. TYSM. :heart: :star:
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Wed Nov 16, 2016 7:54 pm

Name: Megan
* Preferred Contact Method:
* Collective URL:
* Your top fandoms: My top randoms would be:
Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Graces, Soul Calibur II, Persona 3, Pokemon, etc
Anime/Manga: Bungou Stray Dogs, Natsume's Book of Friends, InuYasha, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Orange, Tokyo Mew Mew, Galaxy Angel, Hotarubi no mori E, Digimon, Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend), Zodiac P.I., Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Fruits Basket, Cyber Idol Mink, Angelic Layer, Itazura na Kiss, Kotoura-san, Imadoki!, Ao Haru Ride
Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Spirited Away, The Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter, etc
TV SHOWS: The 100, Game of Thrones
* Gifts you'd like to receive:
-Anything really! I have media sections on a lot of my tributes so I am always open to fun goodies to upload! I also really love fan art submissions and buttons. Anything The Nightmare Before Christmas related in general, even if you wanted to send me a drawing!! I am making a huge media tribute to it currently >:D
- Also, I love personal things as well, like many others have said! I have a collection of special things people have made me or sent me :) It makes me smile to look at!
* Gifts you'd prefer to avoid:
- Wallpaper for random things. If I have a tribute, then definitely you can donate! But I also do not change my wallpaper from my nature photos I take~
- Layouts
* Comments: Anything :D I love hearing from you guys in any type of way, it means a lot to me!
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