From February to the end of June 2017, invite others to fictional worlds you've experienced by putting the subject you're shrining into the context of said world!
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Sun Jul 02, 2017 6:18 pm

Please forgive me (or let me know!) if cross-posting should not be done. Though there are large chunks of the shrine that more traditionally character-driven, I wrote a long series of connected essays, called "Indistinguishable?", about the nature of magic in Final Fantasy 8, because I always thought about how that worked, particularly in a world where technology is also emphasized. Unfortunately, I've not yet played FF7, which has a greater emphasis on the connection between technology and magic. Someday I'll play through and update it!

And apologies about the delayed plug. ><

EDIT: Larissa has already sassed me about my allusion to FF7 and my need to play FF6 for the greater thematic significance of technology and magic. I'm going to heed her wisdom and rest assured both items are on my never ending backlog.


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Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:38 pm

Bleh I am finally getting back around to commenting!

Lemme parody a little Ed Sheeran here...

♫ Girl you know I love this site, this site was handmade for some nerds like me... ♪ XDDDD

But seriously, you've done such an amazing job showcasing magic and technology in FF8, even introducing it well to a noob like me! I think it's a great read--certainly shows how academically fascinating a fansite can be. Great work!! :D
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