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Pathfinders - Al Bhed Tribe (FFX/X-2)

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 10:58 pm
by Fiona
I was quite worried that I wouldn't have enough to call this "complete" for the deadline of the event, since I was really dragging my feet when writing for the shrine this time around. Although I'm not 100% satisfy with what I currently have, I do think that I have enough in comparison to my original shrine from 2003 because I really did wanted to do a complete overhaul and rewrite everything. In the end, I think I'm at about 70-80% of what I wanted to do?

Anyway, the shrine currently lacks proper polish, as I need to add pictures to various sections of the shrine to keep it from being just walls after walls of text. I would also like to add a few more sections to it in the future when I feel up to it again.

Thank you for reading and I hope to do better next time.

Re: Pathfinders - Al Bhed Tribe (FFX/X-2)

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:21 pm
by Saya
Nice work :)
And yay for managing to do a somehow complete site!!! I am on the same boat need to do lot of updating.

Will read later after work while i get bored at the bapthism of the cosuins.