Winds of Change - Final Fantasy XII

From February to the end of June 2017, invite others to fictional worlds you've experienced by putting the subject you're shrining into the context of said world!
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Look, I finished a brand-new site! ...wait a minute.

Actually, I decided to do a revamp of my FFXII site for this challenge, since the HD remaster comes out next month and I hadn't really touched this site since I opened it in 2015. I am not technically finished with the revamp (more on that below) but I'm about 50-60% done, maybe a little more. Revamps are hard to calculate.

Here's a rundown of everything new and different:
- Recoded the header and footer to use 2 files instead of 8 (seriously), various code fixes
- Added information about The Zodiac Age to the introduction and other pages around the iste
- Completely redid the music page, added new album
- Added new screencaps to the gallery (optional cutscenes, misc gameplay caps)
- Added new links and link buttons
- Edited primer, cast, and site sections
- Significantly edited/rewrote tips & guide pages in the gameplay section with information about TZA

The only part of the site I haven't edited much yet is the second half of the gameplay section, which focuses on the game locations. And that leads me to the second part of this post!

The gameplay section is intended to be helpful to new and returning players of FFXII. It is by far the largest section of the site, and there's a lot of information there. I've gotten some feedback on it, but not a whole lot. My feeling, though, is that it's hard for people to take in, both due to the visual presentation and the sheer amount of text.

So: I have a mockup of a redesign of these pages. (Here's the current version of this page..) I'd love to get feedback on it before I start rewriting and editing this huge section in earnest -- both from people who have played FFXII and those who haven't.

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Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:24 pm

I always loved this site and now i am even more excited by it as the zodiac is coming out. In ff14 we will even have a 24-raid named retirn to Ivalice.

I will def checking it up again!!! Gratz on the marathon finishing!
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