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Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:10 pm

Gone retro with "Petshop of Horrors" and "Ninja Scroll," both very highly recommended.
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Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:52 am

I'm following Danganronpa 3 almost religiously lately (and I'd recommend it to any Danganronpa fans that might be here, it's really really good guys go watch it right now).
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Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:45 pm

One Punch Man!!!

Genos <3

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Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:41 am

I am all over new Natsume and Yuri on Ice *^* Flawless animation wowowow.

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Fri Oct 14, 2016 6:14 pm

All Out!! First two episodes that are out are okay, but I hope it picks up a bit soon.
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Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:54 am

I am close to finishing Hunter x Hunter and following Yuri on Ice~

Megan A
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Tue Oct 18, 2016 6:59 am

I have since finished Hunter x Hunter, started Free! Eternal Summer, and also started and caught up with All Out!!

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Fri Nov 18, 2016 2:43 pm

Natsume's Book of Friends season 5, Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2, andddd Pokemon Sun & Moon !!
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