Adieu (Nagisa Kaworu of Evangelion)

From August to the end of October 2016, revamp your existing shrines to bring them up to your current standards! Add new content, refine existing content and sweep your shrines for any errors.
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Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:56 am

I'm so happy you went through with this revamp!! I love all your designs so so much (and will forever bug you about making a layout archive UGH), and this is like. YAY MODERN DAY MASAO HAS ARRIVED TO DAZZLE EVERYONE.

As I had recently commented on this shrine, I've been waiting for my NGE reread to comment on its revamp, as it motivated me to go sit down and finally finish the manga... (I came into this topic to side-eye Andrea, but then I found a receipt of my first few NGE volumes dating back to 2005. Somehow I've never made it past volume 6 and thus never got to meet manga!Kaworu, so yeah... :|)

One thing I really love about finally experiencing something that I only know from shrines is... seeing quotes as they are presented in the source material. Your quotes throughout this - especially the ones that make up the navigation - convey the solemn mood so well, and I've loved them so much over all these years. When I got to finally meet manga!Kaworu, and as I read his final moments, "connecting" felt very much like... remembering the melody to the lyrics of a song. ;_; :heart:

It's curious to me that Kaworu of all characters seems so different in the manga; Sadamoto's storytelling seems so much quieter to me overall (compared to the anime), so for Kaworu's appearance to come with that much turbulence was unexpected. (Again, great job at interspersing corresponding anime scenes and contrasts between anime and manga throughout the shrine!) Though he is very different from the Kaworu I already know, I ended up liking him a lot - especially with regard to the selfishness that you focus on in Adieu. You've managed to capture his values and motivations in a very authentic way, and ended it very quietly on a personal note. :heart:
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Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:43 pm

fgjhdjfg sorry for the delay in replying. :bleh:

Thank you! I'm so glad it shows. :heart:

Thanks! It's ok, I understand haha. I've avoided reading a lot of shrines because of spoilers too. I hope you get a chance to watch the series if you're interested.

@Megan A:
Thank youuuu. I ended up switching the content font a bunch, but I'm satisfied with it now haha. And I'm glad it was easy to follow, I know I assumed a lot of prior knowledge. I hope you get a chance to check the series out!

Thank you! I'm glad the intro helped, I know there's a lot of terms and theories in the series that (even when you watch it the first time) assumes you know it, so it takes a few rewatches to fully appreciate. :heart:

Thanks! And especially for giving me the push I needed, and helping me proof-read stuff. AHahaha i feel bad about not having an layout archive, but I guess I never though it was really in demand.

Honestly, there was such a long period between publication of the volumes, it was better to wait. I remember for a while I waited SO LONG for vol 11 I caved and bought it in Japanese when it came out because I had waited long enough.

I really love the quotes, and it was a large part of why I made the shrine because of how poignant they were. Kaworu says (and are said about him) a lot of interesting things, and I really wanted to explore that along with his character. I used to be a bit ambivalent about the different in his characterization when I first heard it was different, but since reading it, I've gotten pretty defensive and personally invested. Sadamoto writes a very raw and unfluffed version of Kaworu, especially in regards to Shinji, that I feel like any attempts at glossing it over or to make it out to be as nurturing as the anime does a huge disservice. There's a certain level of endearment from his lack of endearment, if that makes sense. It's not a relationship that is easily defined, but the manga humanizes him in a way that the anime did not (and did not have time to within a single episode).

Anyway, he is really personal to me, so I'm glad I got that across. Thank you! :blush:

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