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Participate in casual monthly activities to touch up your shrines and connect with others! Productivity lies in little details and your continuous work.
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Welcome to Little Bits! This is our new monthly activity program at Amassment. Designed for anyone who wants to work on shrines but feel like they don’t have time, or don’t really know where to start, Little Bits is designed to help you be and feel productive.

Each month, we will post either three Little Bits (one Social Little Bit, one Content Little Bit, and one Graphic Little Bit), or one Mega Bit (a larger challenge in any of the three categories) to help motivate you to work on your sites. You will have a full month to complete any of the three on one or more of your shrines, and plug your work in comments to the Little Bits post. Completing two out of the three tasks posted, or completing one of the three tasks on any two of your sites will give you credit for completing Little Bits that month.

Why do you want credit for completing Little Bits each month? It’ll help you touch that old site you haven’t touched in years! It’ll help you interact with other webmasters while being productive! It’ll get you bling. You know you want bling.

That’s right. Once you have completed 3 months of Little Bits, you will receive a bronze trophy for your shelf letting everyone know how kawaii you are. Complete 7 months of Little Bits and you get a silver trophy, making you the envy of all your peers. Complete 12 months’ worth and get a gold trophy. By then you’re practically a shrine god. But wait, there’s more. 18 months of Little Bits will earn you a platinum trophy. You literally can’t even.

The fun and sense of accomplishment you will get from this is also beneficial.

We hope you guys find Little Bits interesting, and have fun with it! Your sites are calling out to you to work on them, and these trophies can’t display themselves.

The first Little Bits task(s) will be posted sometime in the first week of October! Get ready!

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