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Thu Jul 05, 2018 1:20 pm

Some of us have been making websites for a really long time.

I was looking through old files, mostly trying to compile screencaps of old layouts so that I could make an archive of them. Some of that required me uploading the old sites.

For whatever reason, I decided to read through my old content. Most of this was on my old personal domains and sites from the very early 00's. I was 18 and 19, just graduated from high school and a completely different person. I had different ideas about the world and who I wanted to be when I'd reach the age I am now.

For example, I wanted to be married and have a few children by now. While I'm married, I don't have children nor do we want any. I found an old blog post talking about how I wanted a big extravagant wedding one day with a beautiful ballgown dress. We had a lovely and comfy $4000 wedding and I wore a $150 50's vintage-retro swing dress. I thought I'd be making it big in an art career by now. I'm just starting.

I used to write a lot about my views and opinions back then. I had the same views as my family with a few exceptions. I liked debate classes in high school so I brought that over into my sites. It's strange to see how one can become completely opposite of what they once were. I was a lot more outspoken and to be honest, I don't really like that person. I probably would've never befriended my old self on the internet.

I feel like the only content I ever look at is my old shrine content. I was in a bit different place when I made those and a little more mature. I never thought I'd have this reaction to my really old writing.

It's just funny how things change.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

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Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:44 pm

YUP! I recently reread some super old writing of mine and thought "holy crap...I used to be this blind about everything?" Mostly I was just surprised at how confident I was at sharing my opinion--but the confidence was there because I didn't really conceive of anybody disagreeing with me. LOL. Now I'm keenly aware of being disagreed with, and so have learned to temper my writing with "in my experience," "from my perspective as [xyz]"...I would be friends with my old self, though. God knows she needed a big sister sometimes! LOL
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Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:38 pm

I don't have backups of my really old personal stuff, but I still have all my old shrine content and whenever I stumble upon it, re-reading it gives me thoughts that can be put into one of two categories: "Wow, your writing has improved a lot over time" and "Knowing how things would have gone for you later, that thing you wrote in 2005 is hilarious in a foreshadowing sort of way".

On posting a lot more about our opinions, I think part of it is that back then social media didn't exist, so our fansites were often our only outlet into the internet, so we'd talk about personal stuff over there, mixed with fandom stuff. Today, we don't have to blurt out everything in the same place, so we can talk about personal stuff elsewhere in places that are as private as we want, and our shrines don't need to have an update page which also doubles as an open diary (nobody take it personally, I'm pointing the finger at myself, actually, lol). So I see why we all were more blabbermouths about our opinions. It's good to see that now we're all more careful about hurting others with ill-thought words. There are some opinions that I had in the past that today are straight out alien to me, not to mention embarrassing.

But I can't hate teen me because she was in a real bad place. If I could talk with her today, I would more so try to warn her about certain things, but then I'd be messing with the timeline and directly preventing my current person, lol.

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Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:31 pm

I don't have very much old writing. Well, I do is just not online. However, when I go back to look at my old sites and such, I cannot believe how much as changed for me in my coding and everything. I used to not know anything about html and css when I first started. Now, I am coding in mobile ready with both navigation and site. Strange how things have come around. Never really thought this hobby would help me learn so much and grow as a person.
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Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:40 pm

I haven't re-read my old writing since a few years ago, but I remembered thinking that they were really cringe-y the last time I read though them, especially my old blog.

My writing had a tendency to shift depending on who I was having conversations with (through IMs) at the time, so my guess is that I would just pick things up from talking to different people. My grammar and sentence structures were horrible (they still are, to some degree), and at the time my English level was just so-so, I would say.

I was a different person back then in my late teens and was at the verge of collapse into a bad place (not quite there yet but getting there lol) so I got offended easily and was kind of a bitch, which was probably a defensive mechanism. I'm more chilled nowadays and I don't get emotionally involved/take things personally as much (at least I try not to anyway, don't really need to be involved in random internet drama, haha).

I don't think I put too much personal opinions into my shrine without backing it up with something, but I like reading opinions on other people shrines because I think the opinions are exactly what make someone's shrine different from mine especially when we're shrining the same topic. :3
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