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Home Stretch

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:15 pm
by Todd
We have a little over a month left of Creature Feature! Keep trucking along! You guys are doing great! The challenge format has been hugely successful; Creature Feature is our most successful event to date. Congrats to everyone who has finished so far, and keep the shrines coming! Many of our future events will run with this format, due to the success of this.

A couple of you have messaged me concerns about not being able to finish in time, and possibly needing to drop out. While I appreciate the heads up, and I'll offer support and encouragement if you need it, I don't need to be messaged if you decide to drop out, or can't finish for whatever reason. With previous marathons, yes, we wanted a head's up. With these Challenges, however, you're basically publicly challenging yourself to make a site that fits the Challenge's criteria. If you don't finish, at least you tried, and hopefully you'll finish the site after the event is over! We realize sometimes real life gets in the way. Hopefully those of you who won't finish Creature Feature will attempt a future Challenge here at Amassment. We have a great one coming next month. <3

Good luck to all participants! Congrats to everyone who has finished so far! And to those still thinking of participating, there is still time to sign up, but you will have to hurry with your site's production. In the very least, maybe this Challenge will help you get your site started, even if you can't finish by the Challenge's deadline. I still want to see all these sites!

Re: Home Stretch

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:06 pm
by Todd
We're delaying Creature Feature one more week, per request of a couple of members. Good luck finishing! The new challenge is starting as scheduled, though.