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Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:16 pm

@Stefi asked me to make a post about this on the Assessment forums after asking on the Discord.

I'm in the project of turning a long-time story of mine into a browser-based RPG game, similar to say, the FF series, Xeno series, etc. It will have dress-up elements, where you can dress up your character. Sort of like Gaia Online, but tie this directly into a story.

It's a huge undertaking and is going to require a lot of time and money to get this to where I want it to be. But this is a long-term dream of mine, to be able to turn my story into an RPG. You can read more about it here: http://avalyss.com

I'm looking for someone that can help me get some of my foundation systems online and ready to go. I can pay by the project or by the hour. I would prefer to have someone help that understands RPG games. It would be helpful to have someone who knows a bit about dress-up games so they're at least somewhat familiar with the niche, but it's not required.

I already have a lot of systems as it is. I have an avatar community (like Gaia) that I made back in 2008 for my story (was a web comic at the time), and I had a programmer who made a really great avatar, inventory and shop system and did a lot of customization to the forums we're using. I'm going to be building upon this to get started. Although it's old, from 2008, it's been worked on and upgraded over the years. The last change was made in late 2016 or early 2017 and to this date, these systems work really well.

What I'm in need of is:
- Someone with php/MySQL knowledge.
- Someone who is preferably familiar with working with phpBB's format. This is tied to a very heavily modified phpBB forum. We use templates and language files, and DB connections are done in a specific way.
- Has knowledge of JavaScript. We utilize AJAX and some JQuery in the user interfaces and in some parts of the admin panel. One feature I need right away will need to dig a bit deep into Javascript.

I know a great deal about our systems. However, the programming aspects themselves are currently out of my league. But I can figure out how to go about doing everything. I'm currently learning by building my own small features, but I need help with getting the more complicated ones done.

Once there's a baseline ready, I can start letting people in to test it, and then run a Kickstarter to start getting the rest built.

If you're interested, you can reply here, send a PM or send me an email: bobbi@avalyss.com

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