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Challenges are our biggest events at Amassment. They run six to eight months each, and challenge members to make a shrine inspired by a theme. We run two a year. Sub-forums are created for each challenge, and all of the challenge's activity -- sign-ups, relevant discussions, and plugs for completed sites -- occur in that sub-forum.

Sign-ups for challenges are open during the entire challenge. You can sign up at any time during its run.

When you complete a shrine for a challenge, you are encouraged to plug it in a new post in the challenge's board. This is beneficial because it will get your shrine exclusive recognition and feedback, and it will hopefully motivate and inspire others who are participating in the challenge.

Since you can sign up at any time, and plug your shrine when you finish, challenges are very laid back and allow you to work at your own pace. Some members even have time to make more than one shrine for a challenge.

Examples: Creature Feature, Old School, Dynamic Duos


Marathons are similar to challenges in that they motivate and inspire members to make a certain type of site, or a site based off of a theme. There are many differences between challenges and marathons, however.

A marathon will run in a series of posts rather than a sub-forum. Most marathons will run in a single About/Sign-up post at the beginning, a Submission post near the middle and end, and a Reveal post when it has concluded.

There is a set completion deadline for marathons. They are shorter events, usually running anywhere from 1 to 4 months.

Members are asked not to plug completed sites for marathons until the marathon is over. A Reveal post is made by the volunteer organizing the marathon plugging all of the completed sites at once.

Examples: (Our annual) One Page One Month, Clique Happy


Activities are fun little events that are generally not focused on creating new sites, but have been known to give members things for their existing sites. Previous activities have given members banners, media, feedback, and exposure/site-promotion.

Activities encourage interaction among members and provide something fun at the community to do away from more demanding marathons or challenges.

Examples: Banner Trade, Secret Santa, Summer Shrine Scavenger Hunt

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