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Amassment-sponsored challenges, marathons and activities past and present. Join in on the fun today!
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Sun May 04, 2014 12:51 pm

I am really happy with the new setup. :) It seems a lot more relaxed to me since we have more time. And while I always liked the "big reveal" of events of the past, I like the new format more, because of what others have said - it allows for much better individual feedback. IMO, that outweighs the thrill of seeing all the shrines complete at once. (At least we'll still have 1P1M for that.)

I'm loving the idea of a plugboard, too!
dubiousdisc wrote: And I do agree on the need to have a more updated post about the current events, and I see how that is time consuming, but...speaking at least for myself, I think the Forum Team can do it. After all, we do take care of the "front-end" things while the Events Team deals with the "back-end". If you guys need a hand with that sort of things, I think we can help out. Or at least, I offer my help (wouldn't want to push Destinie and Sarah into this without their consent, haha).
Oh, I would be happy to help out in this area, as well! Definitely. :D
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Tue May 06, 2014 12:48 am

I haven't had the chance to participate in Creature Feature (I REALLY WANT TO, maybe when I get back >_< I'm busy finishing cosplay before Acen next week), but just by seeing the results of what it's produced I'd have to say that I enjoy this format quite a bit. I like the amount of time it's run because it gives people lots of chances to participate (1P1M for me is still kinda stressful LOL), and I enjoy seeing shrines as they are finished. I think it's inspiring to see what other people have put out, and even if you aren't interested in the challenge initially, you might be after seeing what shrines people have created. I also sometimes think that I overlook shrines in a "big reveal" format just because it's so overwhelming to read that many shrines at once... it's more digestible for me when they come out one by one, haha. XD;

I think that if we do run challenges this long, it might be okay to run more than one at a time? There's always the case where someone might not be inspired at all by one challenge, but totally into another. :) I suppose it's something we could test if we felt there were "dry periods", so to speak, but that might speak a little to what Larissa was saying about the marathon being quite long.

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Tue May 06, 2014 8:31 am

I am LOVING this marathon format! It gave me enough time to complete my site and not finish the night before the deadline (we'll see if that holds true for my Sparda shrine lol) because I am exceptionally slow.

I also prefer the reveals as it was done, with everyone posting their shrine in a sub forum as they finished, because having them go up one by one allowed me to have more time to read them, if that makes sense? Plus, as others have mentioned, the feedback looks better compared to the big reveal post with everyone in it.
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Mon Jun 09, 2014 8:30 pm

Todd wrote:Hmm, that makes sense. We could do 4-5 month challenges at the beginning of the year, especially for event ideas that are more limited, like you said. We have One Page, One Month coming around the end of Creature Feature, and the next Challenge starting then is very open in premise, too. Lots of sites can be made. Amassment tends to die down from around the end of October to January, and people go back to school in August, so having a longer marathon start in August and run through the end of the year makes sense. People will have more time to work on sites during their busy times.

I personally like the idea of running even limited Event ideas for six months, so members can participate around their busy lives. What we could do is run a couple limited events at the same time, staggered apart, so members who have time to finish early won't be bored, and can start a new event, and other members can still take their time or participate in either event later if they are busy.

So what we could do is start Challenge 1 in January and have it run through the end of June. Start challenge 2 in March and have it run through September. Challenge 3 starts in July and runs through December. That way the three overlap, and members can participate in all or any of the three, or focus on just one for a longer period of time if they are busy and need the extended time.

And of course we'll still have 1P1M, Clique Happy, banner trades, etc occurring throughout.
This. Perfect!! :D I'm glad that Creature Feature was as long as it was because I joined Amassment rather late and I'm still able to participate! :heart: I also like that there's a lot of time to get things done and to echo others, I like seeing other sites as the marathon goes on.

Also I LOVE those plans! I'm pumped to see a One Page, One Month event soon! I know exactly what topic I'm going to do it on as well, provided I can actually keep it to one page. :P lol~

I'm really excited to see what the future event subjects will be. :)

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