What did you accomplish this year?

Talk with others about anything shrine-related, be it presentation, content or something else.
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Thu Dec 21, 2017 4:46 am

The end of the year is upon us, so let's review our shrine accomplishments of 2017!

I'll start!!
  • Opened Sundown, a shrine to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Oblivion is the big game of my life in terms of how much time and love I've put into it, and I've been wanting to put my thoughts about it somewhere for about 10 years now, so starting this project at long last is a huge accomplishment for me! I'm glad for the Fictional Worlds Challenge because it gave me the kick to get this started, even though I couldn't finish the site for it. In terms of finishing it, honestly, though, I'm taking it easy. I have so much material in the works and so many thoughts and I want to give them time to come together in some really in-depth articles. And I'm very pleased with what I have so far.
  • Opened Staircase Spirit together with @ritabuuk. I'm listing it together with shrines because, honestly? Having this allows us to write about various topics that could belong in a bigger shrine, but couldn't quite make it to a standalone project either because of their topic being hard to place in a bigger context or because we're actually ripping a new one to whatever we're writing about, so um, that's hardly a fansite, lol. Getting to work on articles for Staircase Spirit this year has been fantastic - it's fun to write cooperatively and it lets us actually put down in writing stuff that, previously, would have been just left in conversations. And it's great to be able to write about anything without worrying about how to organize it, the investment of starting a whole new site, the fear of spreading yourself too thin, etc. etc. etc.
  • Revamped Anger for the Shrine Revamp Marathon. :D That was a relatively easy thing, but it needed to be done having recently replayed the game, so it needed to align with that. I was pleased to see that it didn't need too much revising in spite of this site being at this point 6ish years old.
  • Finally opened Memento Mori, a shrine to Agarest: Generations of War, together with @ritabuuk. We had been working on this for the last three years, and, finally, we can begin unveiling this project! This is another one of those things that needed to align with playing the game and the game itself is horrifically long, so we couldn't just do it any random weekend, heh.
I never make resolutions for the new year because I prefer to be adaptable and get stuff done at the time when it's most relevant to me rather than force myself to do something, especially since I do this for fun and not for work, but if I were to say if I got more or less done this year than expected, I'd say more. Surprisingly more, in fact. With my job at this time being full-time sole writer and artist of a comic series plus various art-related odd jobs, I wasn't expecting to be able to devote much time to writing fansites, let alone two major ones and a collection of other random but often pretty long writeups.

I think it was the ability to write collaboratively that let me achieve so much. It allows me to be less relentlessly critical of what I write, since it's no longer just my junk but now it's OUR prized junk, lol. And we get to write by simply saying stuff out loud and having the other jot it down, instead of sitting in front of a blank file and waiting for the perfect thing to come out already perfect. If you have a friend whose writing you love who is into the same things as you, I would highly recommend trying this experience with them.


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Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:29 pm

In my opinions, I don't think I did as much this year (in terms of making shrines) compared to the last two months of last year but on we go...
  • Relauched/revamped Dissonant after 9-ish years. I remembered I had a hard time writing for it because I don't have the game with me anymore but I was glad I have it up, since my main goal from last year was to have this shrine re-opened at the beginning of the year..
  • Relauched/revamped Pathfinders, my oldest shrine that I ever put online. I never really planned to revive it, but I decided in the end for the Fictional Worlds event, the first ever Amassment event that I participated in. I love the lore and different culture/race aspects of Final Fantasy X more so than just a single character, so I had fun relearning the story and stuff.
  • Made Incognito for the One Page One Month event in July. This is one of those sites where I'm prouder of the layout than the content. :blush:
And I haven't made anything since Summer, unfortunately. For 2018, my only goal is to complete my shrine for the Something New event. I'm just waiting for the series to finish because it looks like it's gonna end soon but i dunno... haha. I don't have any other goals atm because I just recently started a new job and I don't have too much time to myself (I think I sill need to adjust) so I'm anticipating not a lot of activities from myself for 2018.
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Tue Dec 26, 2017 1:37 pm

Well done on all fronts, @dubiousdisc and @Fiona ! Though I never played the game, your layout for Sundown, and its presentation of information, I found deeply inspiring. And Fiona, I think revamping / relaunching takes more heart than starting afresh sometimes -- and as someone who makes one page shrines out of laziness / aesthetic preference, I do really appreciate how well you manage presentation of content so it's clear and not overwhelming. :heart: :star:
  • Vox Populi - I finished my first shrine ever this past March! To Red, of Transistor. That in itself was a huge accomplishment, as someone who creeped on them for years and never felt like I could have my own domain with similar projects. In some ways, I feel like its subject matter set up well my preferred subjects and preferred style: I guess I like talking about someone where there's really not enough information to talk about them? :swt2:
  • Bombshell - Though Vox was my first, this was the shrine I've always wanted to make, and I'm really glad that I did finish it ... if only because I hope to move on, in a few different ways. Transistor is a game really obviously about gender, and my writing about Quistis Trepe of FFVIII came similarly from a place of thinking about a woman in a game and what's it like to be a woman playing them.
  • Both Ursa Major and Perdure are fanlistings I hope to turn into full shrines (Zarya has a smidgen of content, I need to catch Jodariel up). Regrettably, my favorite type of characters are 'big bruiser' and 'mysterious lady', and unfortunately, it can be hard to shrine a mystery.
  • I did start, but unfortunately not finish, a shrine to Wrex of Mass Effect.
  • Similarly, I started my series shrine for Something New, Spinster too the Iron Seas series by Meljean Brook, but I'm only two essays of *mumble* into it.
  • Revamped my domain two times!
From August of 2015 until October 2017, I worked a 50 hour a week customer service job, commuted 2.5 hours each day, and would come home on the weekends with a fervor for web design that was essentially make my life count. I quit that job, and am now in a Full-Stack Web Development Immersive Bootcamp until March that involves roughly the same schedule, though my days are spent much more tolerably. That was a big scary decision, impossible without a lot of help, and I don't really know what my life will look like this year. I have dreams of finishing all these projects (there's a stack more on my domain, because I'm an idiot), but I don't know. And I'm trying to be okay with not knowing what will come.


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Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:30 pm

My accomplishments this year are in two different areas: webdesign and life.

Webdesign accomplishments:
- Revamped and relaunched http://clefairy.withinmyworld.org/
- Revamped http://www.withinmyworld.org/classes/
- Revamped http://www.withinmyworld.org/novel/
- Reworked http://www.withinmyworld.org/exits/links/
- Worked a bit on http://eight.withinmyworld.org/
- Super-revamped http://olaf.withinmyworld.org/
- Revamped http://dove.withinmyworld.org/
- Updated http://depression.withinmyworld.org/ with new info
- Launched http://music.withinmyworld.org/
- Super-revamped http://www.withinmyworld.org/college/
- Launched http://ac.withinmyworld.org/
- Launched version 16 of withinmyworld.org, beautiful beautiful parallax ahh <3<3<3

All of these projects (except the last two) were completed before Mom died in April. Afterwards, my focus turned of necessity toward more real-life stuff...most of the following was made possible by Mom's life insurance money, and she pretty much planned out each of these projects during her more lucid and less painful times.

- New metal roof and roof repair (it was in BAD SHAPE y'all)
- Re-graded driveway, crushed gravel spread
- Full plumbing replacement
- Wall repair/mold removal
- Painting
- Flooring replacement in kitchen and main bathroom

This year, we also had several parties with friends and family we hadn't seen in a long time--that was a HUGE accomplishment, made possible by a whole lot of decluttering and cleaning. We still have yet to clean the BASEMENT OF CERTAIN DOOM and the SPARE BEDROOM OF HOARDER HORRORS (*horror movie scream effect here*) but that'll be for 2018. 2017 was busy enough!

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Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:03 pm

Congrats everyone for your accomplishments! I actually did A LOT of stuff.
-Opened many fanlistings and shrines to many of my favourite people and topics so I'm really proud and happy.
-Joined Amassment! Which fueled my wish to create even better sites.
-I revamped my network and got in touch with website making again and I had a blast.

I know I may even have accomplished more stuff but I don't want to list everything. Let's just say I learned a lot and that I also created a lot of stuff haha!

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