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Mon May 18, 2015 8:34 am

So I've been reading the new Thor comics and was wondering if anyone else here has been? I haven't read a lot of Marvel comics in the past because they weren't accessible for me (when I found a comic shop near where I lived in high school it was like pulling teeth trying to get myself there and getting comics. The stigma around comics made it difficult for me to get into it) and it's difficult to know where to start.

I digress...

My local library has pretty good collections of comics so I was able to pick up the issues for new Thor. I would really love to chat about it, especially with anyone who has read the classics and can talk to the differences. I really love the direction they're going and wish that I had gotten into the comics earlier because they seem to be up my alley.

New Thor is really awesome and I feel like people are understanding how to write female characters. Not that different from writing a male character, honestly! The interesting thing is that she is similar to Odinson but she is more level-headed and less irrational. I think that's a great thing, tbh. Too many female characters are prone to hysteria.

Anyway~ thoughts? Anyone?

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Mon May 18, 2015 3:28 pm

I'm glad to hear she's well-written. TBH when I first heard they were changing Thor to a girl, I was like "uh ok so y'all are just gonna crap all over all the cool stuff that's been happening with regular Thor (especially in the movies)?" I was afraid it was another cheap ploy to "get girls to read comics" or "hey let's give this character boobs because our male readers like boobs," etc. So if it's actually empowering and worthwhile, that is AWESOME ^_^

I don't really know much myself about "classic" Thor per se, but my boyfriend is a huge Marvel nut and started out reading Thor comics in the early 90s. I'll ask him! :D
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Thu May 21, 2015 6:21 pm

I never read much of solo Thor series so I can't compare to the older comics, but I like this new run a lot. It was a pretty ballsy move of Marvel to do this and it paid off and also provided a good point for people unfamiliar with Thor comics to jump in. Because lets face it, Marvel comics can be pretty impenetrable. Aside from Thor herself (I love her inner monologue vs what she actually says!), I've been enjoying what they're doing with Odinson. And man, Odin is just such a dick, my god.

And on a shallow note - it has some damn pretty art. That scene with Odinson arriving to help Thor with all the women behind him ready to kick ass was just beautiful.

SO, some vague spoilers ahead for the newest issue and Thor's identity~

I was unsurprised at the reveal of her real identity. It kinda made the most sense given what I know about it? HOWEVER, I'm concerned that this means that there's a definite expiry date to this Thor and that the status quo will be resumed sooner rather than later. Which is annoying, because I've been enjoying this run and I also don't want to see this character die, Thor or not.

(also if you're looking for some good Marvel comics to get into - the current Black Widow run is GREAT and a good introduction to her comics if you've never read her before. Although she mostly appears in other people's titles...but you know what I mean)
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Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:49 am

I have mixed feelings about the new Thor.

First, it's not the first time that a female
or THIS female in particular
has wielded Mjolnir (or just... other persons in general) so I don't know why everyone was getting their panties in a twist for. :X I mean, for years "Thor" wasn't even the Odinson, he was Eric Masterson. "Thor" as a title has been around for some time. I guess us comic nerds like to argue semantics. :P lol

The only thing I don't really like about the comic is that I find the writing to be really bad at times. The comic references the fact that people IRL were upset about Thor now being female, which isn't bad in itself, but the problem is HOW they do it. There's one issue where Thor fights Titania and she says that she won't fight out of respect for her being female. This is taking Titania waaaay out of character as she will literally fight anyone to prove she's the strongest. She doesn't care if her opponent is male or female and she certainly wouldn't just turn herself in because of Thor's gender. AUGH. It just really frustrates me to see them butcher a character like that just to pander to the public. It's more insulting to think a strong female char would give up for a "girl power pass"... like no, just no.

Ok Laura, calm down, shhhh, it's okay. xD

Other than some of the bad writing that panders, I actually really like the series. I love the art, the story, etc. I LOVE her true identity too, it's frigging awesome. xD So glad Marvel's writers went that way.

I'm also a little worried about how long the current Thor will remain as such, but I find with comics, everything usually returns to staus-quo eventually. I just hope it doesn't result in any deaths either. :x

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Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:18 pm

I need to get back into some Marvel titles. The way the comics are distributed (differently from Manga) makes it difficult for me to stay in the loop.

Emma- I will definitely need to look into Black Widow. I also wanted to read the current Squirrel Girl comics out there!

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Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:45 pm

I will admit Thor in the past has never been my favorite hero so I generally only read comics I borrow from the library or friends so take what I say on past comics with a grain of salt. With this Thor, I really want to read it more regularly because while I always felt that she was one dimensional in the past now that she's Thor I think we've gotten to discover more about her and it's both wonderful heartbreaking.

With Marvel comics about women Squirrel Girl has been great and while I love Black Widow and the last run was good. I liked the "Black Widow & The Marvel Girls" run best I think so if you can find that it's nice and short and really fascinating.

They also just started a Mockingbird run and Bobbi is always amazing so I'd like to pick that up at some point.
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