Which Hogwarts House are you in?

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Wow, there are A LOT of Slytherins here! Considering it’s supposedly one of the rarest houses, on par with Ravenclaw, I wonder what this says about gamers/otakus/geeks in general? :p

With that said, I too am a snake ‘til I drop. Never got a different result, neither on my many different tries on Pottermore (I take the test every couple of years to check for coherence), nor on any fanmade quizzes.

I am a full-fledged Slytherin, there’s no denying that, and very proud of it (but then again, what else could you expect from a Slytherin?). I genuinely think it is by far the most interesting house of the four – not to mention, it is just so goddamn cool. I love that I’m also a Snake by Eastern zodiac standards – the serpent is such an amazing, complex symbol, and one that I relate to in so many ways.

(On a different note, my boyfriend, too, is a 100% Slytherin, and he shares most of my hobbies and tastes. Maybe the theory I opened this post with is not completely off!)

#rantover #sorry #shalltrytofangirlless

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