Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

Any series that isn't anime as well as live action movies.
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Sat Mar 26, 2016 8:55 pm

I'm a pretty huge Buffy and Angel fan! :D I KNOW there are fellow fans here so let's talk about the series!!

I love the TV series in so many ways... I love the first couple seasons because of the nostalgia value. Buffy and her friends' high school days are just so unique and fresh compared to the later seasons where they're more experts in monster slaying. Yet the later seasons are so full of amazing character growth that I love them all the same. <3

I've read through Buffy season 8+ as well as Angel & Faith I really enjoyed where the story continued. It sucks that there weren't any more seasons of the series but I think the comics are so well done that it's okay! xD I especially love the latest developments with a certain relationship I won't mention in case someone hasn't read any of it yet.

I also really loved Angel. I can't say that I prefer one over the other because they're so different in tone that it's hard to compare. Some days I'm more in an Angel mood than a Buffy one. xD I also did enjoy the continuation of Angel in the comics, but I was frustrated with how it was organized until Dark Horse took over with Angel & Faith.

My favourite character? SPIKE. Hands down. I love them all but he's always been my number one. I even have the life-size puppet replica tucked away in storage atm. xD It's one of my prize possessions. <3

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Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:15 pm

YES!!!!! i love the entire series!! (i haven't read the comics v_v) i love the early seasons for similar reasons as you and also i love the fashion. i remember wearing my hair the same way as willow's hair because i was like AH WOW SO CUTE. i can never decide my favorite character (often willow) but i LOVE anya. she cracks me up.

i enjoyed angel a lot too, but not as much as buffy! it sucks that it got cancelled because the ending really suffered imo. i thought cordelia was great and i loved her development. i actually loved wesley too but i know he's very hit or miss among angel fans.

my mom is a super huge buffy fan and spike is her favorite character, too. she has her own little irl spike shrine.

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