Any series that isn't anime as well as live action movies.
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Who is fan of Alien series here? :heart: I am probably biggest Alien nerd out there. I even dream about being an Alien Queen, gosh. Huge and important part of my life, these Xenomorphs are :heart:
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I love the Xenomorph design because it's so creepy and I feel like a lot of alien designs in sci-fi movies these days don't have the same level of detail or attention put into them. It's like "hey let's take a blobby thing and add some claws and extra legs, maybe tentacles for good measure? Ok DONE". Also the design is so intense that every time after you see that movie it just resonates in your mind. People I know, and myself included, always have a creepy dream with xenomorphs after watching that movie!

Also, Sigourney Weaver is my heroine omg she is just amazing.

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