Most anticipated movies

Any series that isn't anime as well as live action movies.
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Tue Mar 25, 2014 10:38 am

LadyDB wrote:
Destinie wrote:Godzilla is coming out in a couple months. SO.EXCITE.
I literally did not think anyone except me was going to be gaga crazy excited over this movie except it's so much more awesome to know that others understand GODZILLA RAWRNESS!
OMG YES. I am Godzilla fangirl and most recently, since I am an adult now and make money, have been able to purchase essential DVD collections and toys. At work I have King Caesar, 2 Godzillas (one 2000's model and another chibi version), Chibi King Ghidorah, Chibi MechaGodzilla, and Chibi Mothra. I'm also excite they are rereleasing Heisei films on Blu-ray and I saw they have some chibi toys of New!Godzilla and Muto Kaiju that I want to add to my Chibi Collection. I need to add Final Wars to my DVD collection. It's so terrible but wonderful. //gush

I guess new DVDs count as anticipated movies? XD; There's not much else I'm super psyched for but I will be going with some work friends to the Cap'n America premiere next Thursday. Gotta buy my ticket, tho...

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